Senshi-Con 2014- Thank you everybody!

We hope everybody had a great time this year. If you would like to leave any feedback you may do so through the link via our website:
But also via submission through our page.

You can also submit photos from the convention! Also if you tag anything with “senshi-con” or any other variations, such as “senshicon”, “senshicon2014”, and even “alaskacosplayers” I am hoping to set up a queue for as long as I have some photo sets to view.

Thank you everybody!

No Waivers and No Free Hug Signs!

This year Senshi-Con is getting rid of our waivers that each attendee had to sign before getting into the convention. By entering Senshi-Con you will be agreeing to Senshi-Cons Policy. If you’d like to read more you can find our Code of Conduct on our website:

Also no signs or advertisements for “Free Hugs” will be allowed at the convention this year.

Day Zero is tomorrow! Stop on by the Egan Center from 12-7PM to pick up your badges, make sure to bring your ticket and your ID. No ticket sales. There will be games and quizzes, bring your cosplay!

Hey Senshi-Con fans! We want to let you know that there will be a bunch of water coolers available at the convention both upstairs and downstairs. 

Hey Senshi-Con fans! We want to let you know that there will be a bunch of water coolers available at the convention both upstairs and downstairs. 

I heard from my friend that you now have to be 14 without an adult for senshicon?

Yes you’re correct. 

How long do you think it will take for my tickets to arrive in the mail? (its almost been 2 weeks, which is the only reason im asking)

Our last batch has been sent out yesterday, so they most likely arrive this or next week. Be patient please!

We have created an event just for our Day Zero.
For those who have bought their tickets in advance, this is a chance to pick up your badge early. In turn you will be able to join the Pre-Registration line and get in the convention potentially early!


Great news for cosplayers: thanks to an updated weapons policy, you may bring a replica gun that has an orange tip. This year, Senshi-Con’s own security team will work together with SMG to ensure that all props adhere to the policies. Cosplay weapons, including orange-tipped guns, will need to be…

Senshi-Con needs art donations for display AT CON


Yep you read that, this year we’d like to have a special area in the Artist’s Alley just for showcasing! You can send us a print and we’ll display it with your contact info, and where people can find more of your art. This is a free and for anyone thing! You can send it to us before, or even on con day. For more info just shoot an email over to : .


If you love Pokemon, don’t forget to compete in either the X/Y tournament or the Pokemon TCG tournament! Both events are on September 27th during the convention! We don’t have all the rules finalized quite yet so stay tuned!

Event Schedule, Panels, Gaming, ETC

As a friendly reminder, we have a tentative list of Senshi-Con events, panels and a list of anime showings on our website!